About Us

Welcome to our community!  Here at The Beard Dad, we are a family-owned small business dedicated to meeting the needs of Beard Dads everywhere! If there's two things our brand takes pride in, it's a good-looking beard and the calling of fatherhood. At The Beard Dad, we believe that beards are NOT just for men, they're for the family! One of the inspirations from our brand came from memories of every one of our girls tugging at my beard as babies.  As men, fathers, and father-figures alike we are constantly surrounded by our loved ones and how we care for our beards matters.  This is why The Beard Dad was created for the family, by our family!

We've truly dedicated our brand to solving several issues for men.  Looking back, I have tried so many different beard products on the market but none ever fully hit the target for me. I soon realized there were several gaps in the beard grooming market...almost every scent smelled like the woods, pine, or some overly "masculine" scent I really wasn't into, many lacked the luster to make my beard shine enough, or they just left my hair feeling brittle after just a few hours. No oil on the market ever gave me excitement (and trust me - I've tried plenty!). 

This is where the birth of The Beard Dad came to play. We knew we wanted to hit three core targets that are essential to every Beard Dad's beard game - that's SOFTNESS, SHINE, and SCENT! We have worked diligently to create a custom product full of nutrient-rich ingredients that leave you feeling sensational at the top of the day with an invigorating scent that you AND your family will love! We want your loved ones to enjoy feeling and smelling your beards too. We are a beard brand built for the family! 

Our brand commitment is in offering beard products that are 100% organic, 100% pure & natural, cold-pressed, with ZERO artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, or mineral oils to ensure top-notch qualityOur products have been handcrafted with all the nutrients you need to encourage healthy growth & fuller beards. We've customized the perfect formulas that offer long-lasting results to address issues like beardruff, itch, inflammation, and dryness. Everyone of our products is suitable for even the most sensitive skin because our products are top-of-the-line!

Beyond quality products, The Beard Dad is part of a bigger mission. At the core of our company is the desire to work towards turning the hearts of fathers to their children. As a father I feel that it's so important to be present in a child’s life, not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. When I became a father I felt that I was on a mission to capture my daughter’s heart. I would get on the floor with her, watch cartoons with her, have conversations with her, and the list continues. I did whatever it took so that she knew her father was present.

At our company, we want to elevate fatherhood, showcase its importance, and encourage every father & father-figure alike. Truth be, every father needs encouragement to show up on the hard days. We need encouragement to be intentional with our time and to be fully present with our kids. And we also need the acknowledgement that some of us are doing it well! Our overall mission is to elevate fatherhood to the next level - one beard at a time! It would be an honor to have you join us on this greater mission!