Growing a beard is a process that takes time, patience, and commitment to the process.

Growing A Beard Is Not For the Faint of Heart

I often get asked, “how long have you been growing your beard?”. People see the end result of my beard but I always try to explain that there was a journey to growing one. Although I started growing my beard 10 years ago, the beginning stages were tough! I really had to be committed to growing my beard even when I didn't see any progress. 

I remember being so excited about starting my beard growth journey, but man did that excitement go away! I was struggling with dry skin, itchiness, beardruff, oh and did I mention itchiness?!?

I imagined myself with a thick, long beard and how great it was going to look. I thought that was going to happen overnight. Boy was I wrong. In my beginning stages I wanted to give up so many times! 

In talking to men at vendor events, so many share the same struggle - they struggle to grow their beard mainly because of the beginning stages being so rough, so they quit. The sad part is that many men quit when progress is actually being made. 

Look, growing a beard is not that easy for everyone (especially if you really want one, for some reason). In the beginning your skin will become so itchy to the point that you feel you are scratching your beard all day long! The frustration is real. It's at this point that the men who are not that serious about growing their beard quit and just shave it all off. 

Gentleman, if you want to grow your beard, you must commit to the process. Keep in mind that the itchiness comes from your thicker beard hairs breaking through the follicle. You have to give your hair follicle time to activate (about four weeks). If you’re like me you don’t have much patience, but keep the end in mind. Just hold on!

There will come a time when the itching stops and you will feel your hair soften. How does that happen? Well I’m glad you asked. From the beginning of your journey you must moisturize your skin and hair by using The Wake Up Premium Beard Oil and Beard Balm. Our products will help combat all dryness, itchiness, and flakes when growing your beard. Apply it daily after you come out of the shower and feel the freshness of the organic peppermint on your skin. And don’t be afraid to be generous with your products in this season. Reapplying multiple times a day may be exactly what you need to keep you feeling rejuvenated and motivated to keep going.

In the end, growing an amazing beard doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen without the proper beard care products. So when people ask me how long it took for my beard to look the way it does, it’s hard to simply reply with a set number of months/years because it took so much more than just took a commitment to the process. 

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