What Does It Mean to be a Beard Dad?

What Does It Mean to be a Beard Dad?

At the surface, being a beard dad means simply that...a bearded dad, a dad with a beard. However, here at The Beard Dad, it means much more!

If we're talking about beards, a beard dad understands that his beard isn't only for himself, but for his family. Day in and out we are surrounded by our little ones, our spouses, and loved ones.  Some of our first memories are of our babies tugging at our beards.  And some of our best memories are ones filled with cuddles and kisses from the people we love most.  

A true Beard Dad understands that HOW he chooses to care for his beard will affect those he loves most.  A true Beard Dad understands that the softness and scent of his beard really matter on a day to day. When our beards are harsh and brittle - guess what?! That affects & irritates our loved ones.  If our beards smell too strong with an overly masculine scent - guess what? That affects the ones you love most.  A true Beard Dad cares about his beard health and considers his family when making grooming decisions.  

More importantly, a true Beard Dad cares about fatherhood! He understands his role in stewarding his children & the children in his community. A Beard Dad understands the call to father & to father with excellence! Does that mean to perfection? Absolutely not! But it means a will to love, ask for forgiveness when necessary, and strive to be fully present each and every day!


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